The names in this data base were collected from public records in New York State. 
The data is primarily from Ulster County, Kingston, Woodstock, Catskills.
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                 addr                           muni
 ------------------------------------ -------------------------
 1421 Pine Acres Blvd.                Islip
 1730 Pine Grove Blvd.                Islip
 609 Pine Kill Rd                     Mamakating
 16 Pinewood Estates Rd               Fallsburgh
 611 Pine Kill Rd                     Mamakating
 1 Pinecrest Rd                       New Paltz
 Pinewood South                       Chester
 23 Pinewood Hollow                   Queensbury
 Pine Hill Rd S/s                     Hebron
 376 Pine Hill                        Hebron
 62 Pines Bridge Road                 Bedford
 50 Pinecrest Parkway                 Hastings-on-Hudson
 27 Pine Lane                         Greenburgh
 24 Pine Hill Court                   Mount Pleasant
 330 Pine Brook Road                  Pound Ridge
 776 Pines Bridge Road                Yorktown
 4a Pineview Road                     Mount Kisco
 3257 Pine View Dr                    Jerusalem
 1107 Pine                            Endicott
 207 Pine                             Plattsburgh
 153 Pinebrook Dr                     Hyde Park
 854 Pine Tree Court                  Amherst
 251 Pine Ridge Rd                    Cheektowaga
 5839 Pinehurst Ct                    Hamburg
 218 Pinewoods Dr                     Tonawanda
 105 Pinewood Dr                      West Seneca
 7 Pinecove Dr                        West Seneca
 184 Pinehill Dr                      Irondequoit
 30 Pinecone Lane                     Hempstead
 26-30 Pine St                        Geneva
 1 Pine Hill                          South Blooming Grove
 5 Pine Close                         East Hampton
 1353 Pine Acres Blvd                 Islip
 Pine Lake Dr                         Mamakating
 56 Pine                              Waverly
 45 Pine St                           Perry
 52 Pine                              Wellsville
 462 Pine Valley Rd                   Catlin
 4691 Pines Brook Rd                  Walton
 6 Pinecove Dr                        West Seneca
 5810 Pine Grove Rd                   Cicero
 West Of Pine Grove Rd - Camp Rd      Watson
 17 Pine Lake Ests Subdivisio         Mamakating
 23 Pinewood Hollow                   Queensbury
 7 Pinecove Dr                        West Seneca
 501 Pine                             Lockport
 22 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 8 Pine Tree Ln                       Southampton
 88 Pinewood Ave                      Albany
 24 Pinedale Av                       Bethlehem
 83 Pine                              Binghamton
 253 Pinewood Dr                      Guilderland
 8135 Pine Woods                      Rushford
 82 Pine                              Binghamton
 Pine View, Off                       Allegany
 207-209 Pine St                      Jamestown
 18 Pine Dr                           Fredonia
 2 Pinewood                           Peru
 207 Pine                             Plattsburgh
 116 Pine Tree La                     Livingston
 260 Pines Dr Unit 8-8                Roxbury
 22 Pinebrook Loop                    East Fishkill
 12 Pinebrook Loop                    East Fishkill
 21 Pine View Rd                      Fishkill
 249 Pinebrook Dr                     Hyde Park
 19 Pine Echo Dr                      Poughkeepsie
 69 Pine Ridge Rd                     Cheektowaga
 5796 Pinehurst Ct                    Hamburg
 10 Pinegrove Ct                      Hamburg
 9 Pine Terrace                       Orchard Park
 187 Pinewoods Ave                    Tonawanda
 30 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 39 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 14 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 73 Pinewood Dr                       West Seneca
 22 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 23 Pine Valley Ct                    West Seneca
 Pine St                              Athens
 97 Pine Point, Sleepy H              Athens
 Pine Grove Rd/kotel Rd               Watson
 5 Pine Street                        Hamilton
 11 Pine Knoll Dr                     Chili
 169 Pinebrook Dr                     Greece
 13 Pine Knoll Dr                     Chili
 97 Pine Valley Dr                    Greece
 75 Pinebrook Dr                      Greece
 328 Pinegrove Ave                    Irondequoit
 242 Pinecrest Dr                     Irondequoit
 46 Pineview Dr                       Penfield
 14 Pine St                           Brookhaven
 11 Pine Cone Dr                      Pittsford
 7 Pine Cone Dr                       Pittsford
 6 Pine Close                         East Hampton
 3247 Pines Rd                        Boonville
 23 Pinewood Rd                       East Hills
 1 Pine Dr                            North Hempstead
 558 Pine                             Lockport
 6 Pine Hill Ct                       Islip
 5492 Pinecrest                       Lockport
 5480 Pinecrest                       Lockport
 Lot 10 Pine Ln                       Boonville
 2 Pine Hollow                        Putnam Valley
 16 Pine                              Putnam Valley
 501 Pine                             Lockport
 42 Pine                              Massena
 33 Pine                              Granville
 Pine                                 Scio
 56 Pine                              Binghamton
 Pine Tree                            Ellicottville
 4674 Pinecrest Terrace               Boston
 10405 Pine St                        North Collins
 38 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 35 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 19 & 27 Pinecove Dr                  West Seneca
 105 Pinetree  Ln                     Irondequoit
 380 Pinewoods Ave Ext                Brunswick
 25 Pinehurst                         Clifton Park
 4440 Pine Hill Rd                    Hornby
 176 Pine Neck Rd                     Brookhaven
 24 Pinetop Dr                        Brookhaven
 31 Pine Hill Ln                      Huntington
 69 Pine Neck Ave                     Southampton
 139 Pine Tree Rd                     Ithaca
 75 Pine Grove Ave                    Kingston
 17 Pine Road                         Bedford
 52 Pine Woods Rd                     Hyde Park
 6010 Pinehurst Ct                    Hamburg
 11 Pine Tree Circle                  Rush
 52 Pinebrook Rd                      Ramapo
 791 Pinesbridge Road                 Yorktown
 48 Pine                              Cortland
 101 Pinehurst Ave                    Cheektowaga
 7681 Pine Tree Dr                    Victor
 Pine Island Tpke                     Warwick
 19 Pine Cone St                      Brookhaven
 80 Pineridge Road                    Greenburgh
 9 Pine                               Fenton
 125 Pine Springs                     Ticonderoga
 22 Pinewood Rd                       Guilderland
 223 Pine Ridge Rd                    Busti
 Pine Ridge Rd.                       Busti
 144 Pine Hills Dr                    Southport
 11 Pine Ridge Cir                    Clay
 52 Pinewood
 516 Pine Dr                          Brightwaters
 4 Pinewood Circle                    North Castle
 6 Pinehollow                         Milton
 408 Pine St E                        Olean
 8 Pine Tree Dr                       Poughkeepsie
 176 Pine                             Johnstown
 408 Pine Grove Rd                    Herkimer
 27 Pinecrest Dr                      Spencerport
 15 Pine Hill Dr                      Huntington
 46 Pine Tree Rd                      Thompson
 5 Pine Tree Dr                       New Paltz
 15 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 18 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 35 Pine Street                       Oyster Bay
 121 Pine Street                      Garden City
 306 Pine St E                        Olean
 27 Pine Ridge Rd                     Old Brookville
 5857 Pine Grove Rd                   Cicero
 7 Pinewood La                        South Bristol
 317 Pinewoods Rd                     Schaghticoke
 24 Pinewood
 6 Pineridge                          Greenfield
 10 Pine Cone St                      Brookhaven
 9 Pine Hollow Court                  Huntington
 175 Pine St                          Southold
 73 Pine Grove Ave                    Kingston
 82 Pine Grove Ave                    Kingston
 10 Pine Ridge Road                   Larchmont
 1 Pinecrest Road                     Scarsdale
 1450 Pine Brook Court                Yorktown
 509 Pine Hill Rd                     Pleasant Valley
 11 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 19 Pinecrest Dr                      West Monroe
 26 Pine St                           Canisteo
 22 Pinewood Pl                       Colonie
 56 Pine                              Binghamton
 13 Pine Meadow                       Vestal
 51 Pinetree Ln                       Fleischmanns
 115 Pine Ridge Rd                    Cheektowaga
 5564 Pine Loch Ln                    Clarence
 6294 Pine Cone Ct                    Clarence
 112 Pine Run Court                   Concord
 99 Pinewood Dr                       West Seneca
 8 Pine Tree Cir                      Rush
 409 Pine                             Lockport
 358 Pine Hill Rd                     Chester
 18 Pinecrest Dr                      West Monroe
 12 Pine                              Victory
 371 Pine Tree La                     Marbletown
 14 Pinehurst Drive                   Harrison
 55 Pine Ridge Rd                     Cheektowaga
 112 Pinetree Ln                      North Hempstead
 11 Pine St                           Oneonta
 7 Pine Hill                          Clifton Park
 151 Pine Tree Rd                     Ithaca
 50 Pine                              Portville
 7 Pinehurst Ave                      Albany
 18 Pinehurst Ave                     Albany
 Pine Hill Rd Co Rd 40                Wirt
 103 Pine                             South Dayton
 107 Pine                             South Dayton
 116 Pinewood                         Altona
 5 Pine                               Keeseville
 2391 Pines Brook Rd                  Walton
 206 Pine                             Theresa
 101 Pinewood Rd                      Flower Hill
 6 Pine Tree Lane                     Old Westbury
 27 Pine Hollow Rd                    Oyster Bay
 112 Pine Lane                        Boonville
 59 Pine                              Wallkill
 98 Pinewoods Ave                     Troy
 819 Pinewood Ave                     Schenectady
 3600 Pine Neck Rd                    Southold
 8 Pine                               Granville
 179 Pine Hill                        Hebron
 25c Pine Lane (unit 8)               Albany
 15 Pine Park Ave                     Bayville
 10151 Pineledge Drive South          Clarence
 10 Pinecave Dr                       West Seneca
 565 Pinebrook Ave                    Hempstead
 140 Pine St                          Massapequa Park
 95 Pine Holw                         Oyster Bay
 13 Pinehurst Dr                      Liberty
 Pine                                 Horicon
 58 Pinewood Ave                      Albany
 83 Pinewood Ave                      Albany
 69 Pine Valley                       Windsor
 509 Pine Ridge Road                  Busti
 37 Pine Hill Rd                      Masonville
 4712 Pinecrest                       Boston
 23 Pine Tree Ln                      West Seneca
 10 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 5876 Pine Grove Rd                   Greig
 19 Pine St                           Islip
 207 Pine Hill Rd                     Solvay
 73 Pinelawn Ave                      Brookhaven
 14 Pine St                           Brookhaven
 11 Pine St                           Smithtown
 32 Pine                              Queensbury
 35 1/2 Pine                          Hudson Falls
 5 Pine Hill Road                     Cortlandt
 15 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 85 Pinebrook Rd                      Chestnut Ridge
 11 Pinecrest Road                    Scarsdale
 805 Pine                             Endicott
 101 Pinewood                         Altona
 19 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 83 Pinewood Ave                      Albany
 31 Pine Tree                         Ellicottville
 49 Pinewoods Ave                     Tonawanda
 18 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 65 Pine Tree Ln                      West Seneca
 38 Pinewood North                    Chester
 306 Pine St E                        Olean
 11016 Pine                           Leon
 61 Pine Ridge Rd                     Canaan
 36 Pine Rd                           Oyster Bay
 40 Pinewood Terrace                  Cheektowaga
 206 Pinewoods Avenue                 Tonawanda
 134 Pine Lane                        Hunter
 439 Pine Grove Rd                    Herkimer
 154 Pine Hill Rd                     Parma
 146 Pine Hill Rd                     Parma
 51 Pine                              Wallkill
 12 Pine Dr                           Haverstraw
 20 Pine Blvd                         Patchogue
 4 Pinetop Dr                         Islip
 7 Pineland Ct                        Huntington
 118-124 Pine Kill Rd                 Mamakating
 Pine S Tr 103                        Bethel
 33 Pine Lake Estates Sub             Mamakating
 5186 Pine Ridge Rd                   Ulysses
 23 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 106 Pine St                          Garden City
 94 Pine Hill                         Tuxedo Park
 20 Pine                              Massena
 1476 Pinebrook Court                 Yorktown
 9 Pine Terrace                       Jewett
 14 Pinetree Ln                       Hempstead
 91 Pine                              Binghamton
 81 Pine                              Binghamton
 66 Pine                              Binghamton
 49 Pine Place Rv Lt                  Colesville
 37 Pine Tree                         Ellicottville
 Pine Ridge Rd                        Busti
 45 Pine Hills Drive                  Southport
 5517 Pine Loch Lane                  Clarence
 5521 Pine Loch Ln                    Clarence
 Pinewood                             Springville
 39 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 23 Pinecove Dr                       West Seneca
 8202 Pine Point Rd                   Greig
 605 Pinegrove Ave                    Irondequoit
 15 Pinehurst St                      Hempstead
 59 Pinecrest Rd                      Whitestown
 998 Pinewood Rd                      Phelps
 4816 Pine Hill Road                  Barre
 52 Pinebrook Rd                      Chestnut Ridge

These names were collected from sources in Ulster County

These names were collected from sources in Ulster County, New York NY ...

Kingston, Woodstock, New Paltz, Olive, Saugerties

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Listed below are the 400 most common first names in a local sample of 110,000 adult persons:

Aaron Adam Adrienne Agnes Alan Albert Alex Alexander Alexandra Alfred Alice Alicia Alison Allan Allen Allison Alyssa Amanda Amber Amy Andrea Andrew Angela Angelo Anita Ann Anna Anne Annette Anthony Antoinette Antonio April Arlene Arnold Arthur Ashley Audrey Barbara Barry Beatrice Benjamin Bernadette Bernard Bernice Beth Betty Beverly Bonnie Bradley Brandon Brenda Brett Brian Bridget Brittany Bruce Bryan Caitlin Carl Carla Carlos Carmen Carol Carole Caroline Carolyn Carrie Casey Cassandra Catherine Cathy Charlene Charles Charlotte Cheryl Chris Christian Christina Christine Christopher Cindy Claire Claudia Clifford Colleen Constance Corey Courtney Craig Crystal Cynthia Dale Dana Daniel Danielle Darlene David Dawn Dean Deborah Debra Denise Dennis Derek Diana Diane Dianne Dolores Dominick Donald Donna Doreen Doris Dorothy Douglas Earl Edith Edna Edward Edwin Eileen Elaine Eleanor Elena Elizabeth Ellen Emily Emma Eric Erica Erik Erika Erin Ernest Esther Ethel Eugene Eva Evan Evelyn Florence Frances Francine Francis Frank Fred Frederick Gail Gary Geoffrey George Gerald Geraldine Gerard Gertrude Gina Glenn Gloria Grace Gregory Guy Harold Harry Heather Heidi Helen Helene Henry Herbert Holly Howard Ian Ingrid Irene Iris Jack Jacob Jacqueline James Jamie Jane Janet Janice Janine Jared Jason Jay Jean Jeanette Jeanne Jeffrey Jenna Jennifer Jeremy Jerome Jerry Jesse Jessica Jill Joan Joann Joanna Joanne Jodi Jody Joel John Jon Jonathan Jordan Jose Joseph Josephine Joshua Joy Joyce Juan Judith Judy Julia Julie June Justin Kara Karen Karin Karl Katherine Kathleen Kathryn Kathy Katie Kayla Keith Kelly Kenneth Kerry Kevin Kim Kimberly Krista Kristen Kristin Kristina Kristine Kurt Kyle Larry Laura Lauren Laurie Lawrence Leah Lee Leonard Leslie Lewis Lillian Linda Lindsay Lisa Lois Loretta Lori Lorraine Louis Louise Lucille Lucy Luis Lynn Lynne Madeline Marc Marcia Margaret Maria Marian Marianne Marie Marilyn Marion Marjorie Mark Marlene Martha Martin Mary Mary Ann Maryann Matthew Maureen Megan Meghan Melanie Melinda Melissa Michael Michele Michelle Mildred Mitchell Monica Nancy Naomi Natalie Nathan Neil Nicholas Nicole Nina Norma Norman Pamela Patricia Patrick Paul Paula Pauline Peggy Peter Philip Phillip Phyllis Priscilla Rachel Ralph Randy Raymond Rebecca Regina Renee Richard Rita Robert Roberta Robin Roger Ronald Rosalie Rose Rosemarie Rosemary Roy Russell Ruth Ryan Sally Salvatore Samantha Samuel Sandra Sara Sarah Scott Sean Shane Shannon Sharon Shawn Sheila Sherry Shirley Stacey Stacy Stanley Stephanie Stephen Steve Steven Stuart Susan Suzanne Sylvia Tammy Tanya Tara Teresa Terri Terry Theodore Theresa Thomas Tiffany Timothy Tina Todd Toni Tracey Tracy Travis Valerie Vanessa Veronica Victor Victoria Vincent Virginia Vivian Walter Wanda Warren Wayne Wendy William Yvonne Zachary

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